~Lemegeton Story~ A special agent, Sabio, of a mysterious organization, St. Guardian, is ordered to pursue a traitor, Pecador. Pecador steal St. Guadian's vital item, Solomon Ring and run to the well-known Italy ghost town Craco. Sabio go after him and encounter attacks by demons inside Craco. In episode 1, Sabio have to find out Pecador. He has to fight with different kinds of demon. Those demons are tough. Some of them are smart, they don't fight with Sabio but challenge him by different quests. Meanwhile, he will meet other characters who get into Craco for different purpose. They can help Sabio to complete his mission. ~Battle System~ You play as Sabio. You have to kill demons before they beat you. You earn experience and coins during battles. After getting certain experience point, your character will level up and increase abilities. For coins you earn, you can make use of them for recovery items. The control system is sample and easy. You can customize your buttons layout, which allow you to create the most appropriate control scheme. ~Boss Battle~ There are powerful demons inside Craco. For everytime you beat a boss, you learnt new skills and get a new equipments. You can use new skills to reach new area. And use equipments to upgrade you character. But demons are never died, they are just sealed. They come back human world after a certain time period. You can beat them down again and again in order to get hidden items. ~Challenge~ Demons are smart. Fighting not work for all demons. You are challenged by different quests offered by demons. ~Other Features~ - Game community. Support GameCenter, Scoreloop with 8 Achievements. - hidden Weapons and items. - 3D Graphics, Support HD Display - Support Zeemote JS1 - Optimized for XperiaPlay `Future Updates~ - New Playable Character - New Weapons and Items - New Area - New Demons - New Challenges - New Achievements Don't hesitate! Download and check them out! Changes ver 3.03: - Lemegeton Episode 2 New Content is available - Lemegeton is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at http://www.MOGAanywhere.com - support generic usb gamepad ( Android Icecream Sandwish or above required ) Changes ver 2.0: - fix Samsung Galaxy Series touch control problem - Jump Control is slightly adjusted. You can change direction in the air. - Attack cancel is slightly speed up. - and other minor improvements. - fix a crash on Android 4.0 - No more Ep1 Content Lock, Lemegeton is now FREE TO PLAY - New Weapon Upgrade system - New Skill Upgrade system - Improved Gameplay Experience - Compensation for Ep1 Content Unlock (Restorable) * No Ad Banner * 5 extra lifes * bonus 10000 Gold * existing game still valid after update - new option to customize buttons layout Changes ver 1.0: - On shelf - package download size for 30MB download cache limit Homepage: http://lantansia.com/lemegeton/English/

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