Kanji Game Tako Sensei: Japanese Katakana Anime


Kanji Game Tako Sensei: Japanese Katakana Anime

Native translation in German, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, French, English and Italian. Best Educational Game - BIG Festival 2015 (Brazil Independent Game Festival) Best Serious Game - Fun & Serious 2015 Do you want to understand your favorite animes? Learning Japanese has never been so easy and fun! Join Tako Sensei in this kanji game in which you'll learn to write and read Japanese. Now you can visit Japan and enjoy anime without subtitles. Through GUIDED LESSONS, you'll learn to write hiragana, katakana and over 100 kanji correctly, as well as their perfect pronunciation recorded by native Japanese teachers. It's like you're in Kyoto but without spending any yen. Thanks to its elaborate WRITING SYSTEM, you'll be able to learn study japanese stroke by stroke and in the correct order how to draw each character with a perfect kana calligraphy. This system will rate your stroke and correct you if you make a mistake, including furigana assistance. PRACTICE in these japanese game each hiragana, Katakana or kanji individually in the Study mode and have a good time with fun mini games while you refresh all you have learned. Do you have always admired the Meiji period? Now it is your moment to learn japanese. ---------------------- Learn Japanese with Tako Sensei Kanji Game ? Learn to write and read all the hiragana, katakana and uncommon kanji corresponding to the N5 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT - JP). ? Useful for those who want to learn from zero and for those who want to refresh their basic knowledge of the Japanese language. Enjoy your favorite anime and manga , be a true otaku from nihon! ? Play mode: where you'll learn through 88 guided lessons more than 300 characters, including hiragana, katakana, and kanji. ? Study mode: where you'll be able to review and practice without pressure as many times as you want. Check your stats and follow your progress. ? Minigame mode: show what you've learned in varied and fun nippon mini games. ? Learn the on'yomi and Kun-Yomi readings and the meanings of over 100 kanji. ? Future updates will include new minigames, new modes, new kanji,!... and more surprises! Welcome to Nippon! Travel to Okinawa Arigatou gozaimasu! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't miss out on the last news on: ? Web: http://www.grogshot.com ? Twitter: https://twitter.com/TakosJapanese ? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TakosJapanese

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    Really great app for learning to read & write Japanese”
    Much more proper way to learn Japanese than some popular apps”
    It makes learning and retaining everything much easier”
    This is the best one for learning how to write in all forms”
    The mini games can be a little repetitive and annoying sometimes”
    This is absolutely one of the best apps for learning kana
    This app is making learning hiragana vowels very easy”
    Good customer service
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