Kyoto Navi (Okini Kyoto)


Kyoto Navi (Okini Kyoto)

Kyoto is a city of outstanding natural beauty which embodies the emotions of all four seasons. Kyoto has accumulated a rich history of more than 1000 years as the centerpiece of Japanese culture. 'KICS Limited Liability Company' was born in Kyoto, and with more than 1200 affiliated stores, is the largest regional information promotional organization in Japan. Kyoto Navi is a tour guide application designed for those planning to tour Japan's cultural gem, the city of Kyoto. Useful functions to assist with shopping and sightseeing have been included, along with information on traditional Kyoto stores affiliated to KICS. This application is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. [Main Features] ?Shows sightseeing spots around you in map and lists. ?The sightseeing spots changes by moving around the map area. ?Detail screen provides introductions, related website URL, directions, and some even shows videos. ?Put your favorite spot in the bookmark list and check it afterwards. ?'Excellent article in Kyoto' information has been included to assist with souvenir selection. ? An innovative system which allows users to look up Kyoto city bus and train timetables. ? Assists with access from major terminals to tourist spots. ?'The auto scheduler for going around Kyoto' can also be used to make visiting multiple tourist spots more efficient. "Trace of your journey function" is available within Kyoto. "Trace of your journey function": Displays your trace of Kyoto trip automatically on the map. ?Go to "Settings" on the home page >"Application">Turn on "Update your present location", the route you traveled will show on the map. ?Go to "Settings" on the home page >"Settings" and login to Facebook, the location you have checked-in will show on the map. ?Pictures taken by Android smartphone will be displayed on the map (Takes a while to show if many pictures are saved on the Android smartphone) [Languages] Our application is based on the language setting of the iPhone. The languages are: Japanese / English / Chinese (Traditional Chinese) / Chinese (Simplified Chinese) / Korean. *If other languages are selected, English will be used for the application.

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