Kids Memory Game


Kids Memory Game

Kids Memory Game will keep your children entertained and is designed to help develop their concentration and cognitive skills. Kids Memory Game is a classic board game. Initially you will see all cards turned face down. Tap on one of the cards to reveal an image. Now try to find the card with the same image as previous one. If the pictures on both memory cards are the same, congratulations you are one step closer to completing the game. Otherwise both cards will flip back over and you will have to try again. Kids Memory Game has 3 difficulty levels. Easy: 3x2 (6 Cards). Medium:4x3 (12 cards). Hard: 6x3 (18 cards). With 8 different games Kids Memory Game will help with the recognition of letters of the alphabet, numbers (digits and counting), colors, sounds, shapes and objects. Kids Memory Game is a game for children of all ages, preschoolers, school children and teens. Both boys and girls will love this game. Kids Memory Game has been designed with an easy to use interface, colorful graphics and sound effects. Your child will love this entertaining game. Once your child is involved and happy, you can relax, with the assurance that your child is having fun and learning. Kids Memory Game is beautifully optimized for tablet devices. Option to save the game to the SD card.

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