Kamidana (iShrine)


Kamidana (iShrine)

A "Kamidana" (a household Shinto altar) is a shelf used to enshrine the Shinto gods at home, in office, and in other places. Install the Kamidana in your smartphone. Thanks and pray, let's cherish the people around you. * altar placed to the home screen You can put the altar as a widget. Since also displays information such as remind notification, at any time you can access to easily altar. * type selection of the altar You can choose from various types of altar. * The time can be specified offerings exchange reminder Exchange of daily offerings also, do not forget by the reminder function. * month wait faith function You can change the reminder icon that appears in the widget to the moon. The moon is waxing and waning with age, to 23 month. . . . * Today's fortune You can predict the fortune of today. * Today's wise saying It will display the aphorism that will help every day one at a time every day. * Daily pray custom message function that can be displayed When it is changing the offerings, you can change the message on the content of your choice. , Please set the message you want to ask to yourself to new morning. * Votive Tablet You can write a wish. If you set the date of grant a wish, you will see the remaining number of days in the widget. Than typical votive tablet, it is more feature that focuses on goals. * Purification ceremony ?Throw away the sins and worries that trouble you, please spend a day-to-day pure. Altar app, by continuing the daily use, can also be used as a self-coaching app for sending a better life.

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