Kainy (Remote Gaming/Desktop)


Kainy (Remote Gaming/Desktop)

Special price $2.99 instead of $4.99. Kainy is a remote desktop oriented for Gaming and Performance. Stream your games from your PC into your Phone/Tablet. Play your PC Games Everywhere (Wifi/3G/4G). - HD/native resolution. - About 100 Preset Templates for Controls and UI. - Up to 60 fps. - Customize your Interfaces (Buttons and Controls). - Apply your Custom Pages (Interfaces) for each of your Games/Applications. - Use Accelerometer to control your Games. - Support Fullscreen, Sounds, Bluetooth Keyboard... - Authentication/Data encryption in 128 bits. - Use Kainy as Game Controller. - Optimized for Neon, Tegra2 and Tegra3. - Multi-Devices connections (Up to 5). Video Samples: Super Meat Boy: http://youtu.be/ows43vjJsd8 Multi-Devices connections: http://youtu.be/6I-mbJhQb-Y Minecraft/XBox Controller: http://youtu.be/eRyX_yF9suM

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What you should know about Kainy (Remote Gaming/Desktop) app

  • Highligths
    Is it possible to play games remotely from somewhere else”
    Best remote control on the market very good work”
    The 60fps also makes it smoother than any other remote desktop app
    Update to match the pc version
    Excellent RDP app
  • Keep in mind
    Terrible image quality
    Video quality is terrible even on high”
    Does not stay connected for more than 5 minutes at a time”
    Touch controls stopped working”

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