K-9 Mail for SmartWatch


K-9 Mail for SmartWatch

This app displays a notification on your Sony SmartWatch 2 each time K-9 Mail, the email app with the robot dog, receives a new message. A notification displays: • name of the sender • time the email was sent • message subject • preview of the message text (~500 characters) From the menu on the watch you can… • open the currently displayed message on the phone • delete the message To be able to use this extension you need to have the following apps installed: • Smart Connect • Smart Watch 2 SW2 • K-9 Mail Note: This app can only display notifications for messages in K-9 Mail's 'Unified Inbox'. Please make sure the preference 'Global Settings - Display - Hide special accounts' in K-9 Mail is unchecked. This extension is very new and most likely contains some bugs. If it doesn't work for you, please drop me a line using the "email developer" link in the Play store. Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2

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