Jumpy Frog


Jumpy Frog

The frog will do what he knows best, but with your help you can get the highest score. Your hero definitely loves jumping, and is very good at it. So, there is no doubt the two of you will team up and be the best at this game! Download new free Jumpy Frog game on your smartphone, because the coolest jumping challenge is ahead of you. What you need to do is to collect items that will help your hero jump higher and faster, and avoid the malicious enemies. Jump up from the pond and do not miss a single platform! The top jumpy game will give you the excitement you need but it is also a relaxing game, it is made for people of all ages. Everyone will be entertained by the new popular jumping frog game, since it is so much fun, and easy to play. Instructions: • Move your smartphone to make your hero jump • Avoid enemies – the birds • Collect awesome power-ups • Pick up shield to protect you from the enemies • Collect sneakers and potions for acceleration • Get the highest score The birds are very evil and they will try to stop the frog from jumping. That is why you need to avoid them and to jump onto every platform you see! Be very quick and focus, this is important in the best jumping game. The popular jumpy frog has enemies, the cruel birds. Their big beaks will not frighten the frog! So you need to avoid them and collect the shield that will protect you from them. In the latest jumping game, the potions are good for you, because they will give you acceleration so make sure you do not miss out on them. Jumpy Frog likes to spend time in the pond, but now it is time to jump higher! Move your smartphone to control the direction of your jumpy frog. So, what are you waiting for? The popular jumpy adventure is perfect for boys and girls of all ages. The teenagers will love it, but the adults as well. A great way to stay alert and to test your concentration! Play Jumpy Frog and do not miss out on the top power-ups. Play the amazing frog game free and get the highest score. The latest jumpy frog game is easy to play, but it will be a challenge to master it, so you will have so much fun. Share with your friends on social networks and you can ask them to join you and to enter a jumping competition to see who will get the highest score! Download the latest Jumpy Frog game application for free, and the the best jumping adventure can begin! The top game surely is addictive, so have fun the coolest jumpy frog!

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