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Jota Text Editor

Jota is a text editor designed for a long text file. It's pronouced as "i-o-ta". Functions - Support until 1 million characters. - Auto-Detect multiple character codes. UTF-8 UTF-16BE UTF-16LE UTF-32BE UTF-32LE WINDOWS-1251 WINDOWS-1252 WINDOWS-1253 WINDOWS-1255 SHIFT_JIS ISO-2022-JP ISO-2022-CN ISO-2022-KR ISO-8859-5 ISO-8859-7 ISO-8859-8 BIG5 GB18030 EUC-JP EUC-KR EUC-TW IBM855 IBM866 KOI8-R MACCYRILLIC HZ-GB-2312 X-ISO-10646-UCS-4-3412 X-ISO-10646-UCS-4-2143 (Whether you can decode or not depends on Android's implementation.) - Change character codes. - Auto-Detect linebreak code. - Change linebreak code. - Keep linebreak code until saving a file. - Save position of the cursor with file. - Save history of recened files. - Search/Replace (Support Regular Expression) - Text sharing with external application. Mushroom Share (ACTION_SEND) Search (ACTION_SEARCH) Open (ACTION_VIEW) ★Direct Intent : You can launch any one application on menu item. - Scroll with Thumb-drag. - Scroll with Flick. - Undo/Redo - Support a Shortcut key with ALT/CTRL Key. - Customize colors. - Create a shortcut icon on HOME app. - Customizable shortcut key bind. - Text selector like Gingerbread. (Double tap to select the word , then touch selected area to show marker.) - Word wrap ON/OFF and set word wrap width. - Set tab width. - Viewer Mode. - Show Line numbers. - Word Counter. - Support Landscape Mode correctly. - Auto save. - Auto Indent. - Show Tab/Linebreak. - Auto capitalize. - you can used as SL4A editor. - Customizable Toolbar. - Customizable Syntax highlght. - Capture Screen shot. - Wallpaper customize. - Support Android OS 1.6 or later. - Support both touch-screen device and qwerty-keyboard device. - Forever FREE and NO-AD. - This software is an Open Source Software under the Apache License. CAUTION RTL-Language and bi-directional text is not supported. ★If you need a reply from me , DON'T put it in Market's Review . Instead please let me know by E-mail or Twiter(@jiro_aqua) You can send a message to me from Jota's Preferences Screen. ★If you need grep (search from multiple text files), try my app "aGrep". ★If you want to localize Jota Text Editor, see this page.

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    Tis is d best txt editor
    Excellent text editor -- even has regex search support”
    The best notepad i ever use”
    Does exactly what you would want from a word processor
    Went thru several note pad apps before finding this one”
    Great for keeping track of everything I need to do during my day”
    Best for nerds
    The best text editor for a developer that I have found”
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    Couldn't open a single file
    I am unable to save any opened and edited files”

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