Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews


Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews

Are you looking for job listings, vacancies, and the most comprehensive career community? You found it. Welcome to the top job seeker resource for Android. Get an inside look into jobs and companies with Glassdoor Android app. Job seekers get access to the latest job listings as well as company reviews and salary reports, shared by those who know the company best – the employees. Research open jobs and your earning potential; see what it’s really like to work at thousands of companies worldwide. Job-hunting has never been so transparent, easy, and efficient. Discover why more and more employees use Glassdoor to find their next job and explore the job market. Stop wasting your time with job boards, sites, or agencies. Go direct to the source with Glassdoor. Find all the information about job openings, companies hiring, reviews, and latest job offers. Glassdoor gives you all the tools you need in your arsenal to be the best Job hunter out there. Jobs • Fast and easy-to-use job search • Share and email your favorite jobs position • Save jobs so you'll never miss out on a good career opportunity • Have job alerts notify you of a new opening Salaries • Use the "Know Your Worth" tool to reveal how your market value has trended over time; how your market value compares to typical workers in the same field; and also plot your current base pay. • Submit your salary for some Career Karma • See salary and compensation by company, job title, and location • Research averages and ranges for base salaries, bonuses, stock options, and more Company and Employers Reviews • Read reviews from employees about the work environment, culture, senior leaders, and more • View pros, cons, and advice to senior management • Get opinions from current and former employees about specific companies Interview Questions & Reviews • Read reviews from applicants about the interview experience • See the questions that top companies are asking applicants

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What you should know about Glassdoor Job Search, Salaries & Reviews app

  • Highligths
    Gives an excellent idea of what to expect from the company”
    It provides valuable information when seeking employment oppertunities”
    The search tool for salaries is an added bonus”
    Excellent service for job seekers to get a realistic view into organizations”
    Easy to use quick reference
    Great job search engine for local jobs”
    Well played out and useful information along with job searches”
    Very useful for college students
    User friendly and tons of jobs I haven't seen anywhere else”
    Saves time on applying for a job that pays terribly”
  • Keep in mind
    Fix the search options
    Scrolling through the search results is buggy”
    Should open email alert link directly to App”
    Very frustrating that the I can't use the company search function
    Please make it remember all your search parameters
    Why does this app need permissions for precise gps location
    Won't let me use a web browser

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