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Jet Ball

Jet Ball is a powerful arkanoid game packed with stunning visuals, tons of dynamic levels and lots of fresh ideas. Probably the most challenging brick breaker in the store. Join over 7 millions of players around the world. ? ? "Bedazzling brick-breaking" ? "Jet Ball takes all the past successes and failures of the “brick-breaking” genre and establishes a new standard, shattering the bricks of it’s predecessors." ? ? "Jet Ball is an Breakout fan’s dream come true!" ? ? "If you’re a fan of arkanoid / breakout style brick-breaking games then you really need to check out Jet Ball. Take your standard brick breaking game, subtract what you don’t like, and inject the good parts with steroids and you’ll get Jet Ball." ? ? "This Brick breaker takes things to a whole new level!" ? ? "Ball Paddling Brilliance!" ? "Overall I would say that codefreeze did a great job with Jet Ball. They’ve created an amazing brick-breaking game that is laced with its own style and flare. With its stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, Jet Ball is an easy ‘grab’ that I would have to recommend to all Breakout fans and arcade games in general." ? ? "Jet Ball is perfect for any casual gamer out there, and with so much jammed into one game, there is no reason why you should not pick it up today." ? superb graphics and visuals ? 145 dynamic handcrafted levels ? over 30 power-ups and power-downs ? 4 ball speed levels: Slow, Normal, Fast and Extreme ? really fast paced and extremely addictive gameplay ? rectangle and round bricks, exploding bombs and plasma stars, bumpers and teleports ? online leaderboards ? over 30 of achievements to unlock Perfect choice for all fans of old-school games like Dx-Ball, Ricochet, Breakout or Rebound. Any hesitations? More user reviews: "Arkanoid on steroids!!! This game rocks. Top graphics, top sound, top gameplay a got to have for this genre of game. LOVE IT." "Pretty cool ?? Different kind of breakout. Sweet twists and cool upgrades and weapons!" "Greatest Graphics I have played many of these breakout type games.. none have the graphics of this one.. none come close!" "Jesus incarnate! Not even kidding, finally a good brick breaker game" "Arkanoid all over again.. But much more fun This is everything you could wish for in a game like this: it has spectacularly outgrown its sometimes dull predecessors. Top notch!" "Closest to Ricochet Infinity This game is the only "brick" breaker genre I like because the ball reacts to the paddle similar to my favorite PC game Ricochet Infinity." "Cool Better than Arkanoid!"

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  • Highligths
    A really enjoyable arkanoid/ brick breaker with excellent re-playability”
    Awesome game brings this to a whole new level modern”
    Great time waster needs new music”
    This has to be the craziest game I've ever played in my life”
    Power ups are awesome with a few original ones”
    Super Fun to Play”
    Great time passer
    Best arcade game
    Really fast paced and extremely addictive gameplay”
    A good game to kill the time waiting in a queue”
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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