JA Sensei Learn Japanese Kanji


JA Sensei Learn Japanese Kanji

Complete application to learn Japanese and study Japanese kanji! JA Sensei provides clear Japanese lessons and numerous interactive exercises to learn Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Japanese vocabulary, Japanese phrases for your trips, numbers, verbs, etc. Take audio, multichoice, self-validated or drawing quizzes (draw kanji to answer questions!) to memorize what you learn. Simply curious about Japanese, studying Japanese, or willing to take the JLPT, JA Sensei will become a priceless assistant. JAPANESE LESSONS Take each lesson step by step Each lesson contains a Japanese text, a list of words used, a grammar section, and a culture page to learn Japanese customs and understand how the Japanese think. JAPANESE KANA & KANJI Learn Hiragana/Katakana progressively by levels Learn Kanji by Jouyou Grades and JLPT levels Manage your personal lists Listen to the pronunciation of each Kana Detailed statistics to track your progress and mistakes (SRS) Increase the quiz difficulty progressively: easy, medium, hard Add a countdown to limit the time you have to answer (for medium and hard difficulty level) Learn how to draw Hiragana, Katakana AND Kanji properly JAPANESE PHRASEBOOK 900 Common Japanese phrases for real life communication Learn Japanese phrases with audio clips by a native speaker Keep your most useful Japanese phrases in your personal list Take a quiz to learn actively useful sentences JAPANESE VOCABULARY 2500 words with audio clip by a native speaker Take audio quizzes! Create your personal lists of Japanese words Comments are added to explain the word when necessary Search for any word from English or Romaji JAPANESE NUMBERS 500 numbers with audio clips by a native speaker Listen and understand numbers from 0 to 10,000 Take audio quizzes Create your personal list Search a Japanese number from its numerical value or Romaji Read numbers in Kanji, Romaji or numerical value JAPANESE PARTICLES 60 Japanese particles clearly explained and sorted with examples JAPANESE COUNTERS 45 Japanese counters you should know to count objects in Japanese JAPANESE VERBS 1800 Japanese verbs translated and conjugated in many forms JAPANESE GRAMMAR 113 grammatical sheets ordered by JLPT that explain easy to advanced Japanese structures with translated examples. In-App Billing system lets you purchase additional downloadable contents.

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    I'm steal learning and this is a grate app for japanese learners
    Great for learning to read and write Japanese using the stylus”
    Now I wonder why I pay my Japanese teacher
    Easy to use and very effective way to learn new language
    This is the best app I have found to study Japanese
    Nice ^^ this app really help me in learning kanji
    Great for beginners through advanced as vocabulary and Kanji are extensive”
    This app is amazing and customer service is awesome”
    Great Learning/ Study Guide
    Great tool for learning to write japanese”
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