The app isYOURteacher is the most interactive music lessons application on the market. Who is YOUR teacher today? The best musicians deliver their secrets thanks to the exclusive content and quality teaching on the educational app isYOURteacher. Learn the secrets of international musicians such as Virgil Donati, Alain Caron, Dominique Di Piazza, Damien Schmitt, John Roney, Pierre Côté… with many more to come. The musicians of your dreams become YOUR teacher. Once the content of your choice has been downloaded, you have access to the live footage and its lesson. No need for membership! Purchased content belongs to you and lessons can be viewed over and over on several iPad devices. All videos are subtitled in English when the teacher speaks a foreign language. 1. Live performance: For a more intuitive pedagogy, the teacher relies on his/her performance live to deliver his/her concepts and his/her musical approach: no blah blah, we go straight to practice. Live performance of one or more musicians is filmed by multiple cameras. Watch this original performance and choose for yourself the angles at your leisure: YOU choose the viewing angles in real-time for an optimal understanding, or opt for the random mode (the views change automatically). Thus, ended the frustration of fixed angles videos! 2. Lesson content and various functionalities: * Styles and Levels: Styles of music are covered by the application with a choice of 3 levels: Easy, intermediate, advanced. All instruments can be taught: guitar, piano, bass, drums, etc. * Content of lessons: Each lesson consists of different explanations: theoretical, practical, anecdotal, and is always linked to what is played in the live session to guide you in your musical choice. Available at any time by clicking on it, that is represented as chapters with color codes that make it easy to identify different levels of difficulty. * Management of cameras: Take full control of the lesson and decide which camera angle you want to see. * Sheet music: Learn and play piano, guitar or bass chords: the music notation scrolls under the video at the rate of the exercise and the sheet music can be printed apart for free. Also download and print them in .pdf . Practice the exercises with your teacher or alone. * Change of tempo: Before running, you first have to know to walk! Watching a person walking does not necessarily mean that the movement is the same when that person is running: there are steps you can not miss… The same goes for learning a musical instrument. For an optimal analysis and optimal growth, lessons have been recorded by the teachers playing at different tempos, allowing a better understanding of how to play, and to immediately adopt the right movement for the playing speed… Moreover, the slow motion option is also possible for each tempo. * Metronome: Choose your tempo with the metronome and determine your own sub-section with the looping tool to master each section of an exercise. The metronome is both audio and visual, it also allows you to practice only the sheet music. * Play Along: This option allows you to take the seat of your teacher and accompany the band members. Integrate the looping tool and adjust the metronome to your liking as you’re playing (with or without the click!) * Tuner: It allows to tune his instrument without leaving the application.

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