Have you ever thought of allocating different SMS tones for your favorite contacts? Do you like to allocate specific vibration patterns for your best friends? This is the app you are looking for. iSMS Features in Detail : ------------------------------------- * You can select different contacts from your phone book and allocate different SMS tones for each number of them. Then if you get a text message from them, the allocated SMS tone will be played so that you can easily guess the person who messaged you * When you get a text message from a contact which is not listed in this application, the default notification sound will be played. * So what if you are in silent mode, so that how can you identify the person who has messaged you without looking at the phone? Vibration Patterns come in handy in this kind of scenario. * You can setup a specific vibration pattern for your favorites so that if you are in a lecture or in an important meeting, you can guess the person, who messaged you without taking your phone out from your pocket. * You can also create a custom vibration pattern as well. Enjoy this feature. It's available in Version 2.0+ iSMS Benifits: ---------------------- * Low Power Consumption (There are no full time services which run in background so that there won't be any battery drain because of this application) * You don't want to switch your screen on which will consume more battery. You just can identify the person by the SMS tone and the Vibration Pattern. Great Reviews received : ----------------------------------- Vishal Kurmi - May 11, 2013 Great app..! I recommend this app...easy to use, user friendly, can use this app anywhere, even if I am driving I get to know who sent me mags Ranj Sarraj - April 18, 2013 - Version 1.0 Amazing I love such programs, simple, solid, creative and just makes your life easier, work like a charm, cheers for the developer and who ever will use it ;-) Hirantha Sankalpa - May 5, 2013 - Version 2.0 Pretty neat app Now I can feel who is texting me when the phone is in my pocket, no need to take it out everytime to check if it is an important message or just another bulk message from carrier Hemant Vandhnani - May 7, 2013 - Version 2.0 Great one! I just needed an app like this. The function this app has, (setting different vibrations, tones), doesn't come with stock Android. But now, I have iSMS.. So no worries!! SARATH PRABHU - May 7, 2013 - Version 2.0 Great app Really a nice app. By using this app I can easily find out who has messaged me without seeing my mobile. This is really useful. I will give even 10 stars if possible parthi king - May 8, 2013 very very awesome most awaited app this app helps me differentiate ma girl friend msg from other messages thank you very much...... suresh kesavan - May 7, 2013 Wonderful app It is very unique and nice app as i can able to know who has sent message without seeing mobile and its great to download this wonderful apps and hats off to the developer for giving this apps for free. Hope you will enjoy this app. Email me if you have any issue or any feature you like to add. I'm always looking forward to your valuable ideas. If you like this app, don't forget to motivate me by reviewing my app. It will mean alot. Thank You Like us on Facebook : Keywords : vibration analysis, vibration testing, android vibration pattern, desktop sms, web sms, install apk, manage apk, export apk, contact manager, android, custom notifications, custom, pattern, vibrations, vibration patterns, sms tones, customize sms tones, multiple vibrations, sms manager, notification utility, guess who, sms, vibrations, custom patterns, isms, vibration manager, android notification sounds, sounds, notification, android notification apps, notification service

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