IQ Game - Escape Puzzle : Ice Age ( Ice Maze )


IQ Game - Escape Puzzle : Ice Age ( Ice Maze )

Are you addicted to the latest IQ games? Are you looking for an addictive Brain challenging and brain teasing game that you can play for hours without being bored from it? Do you want to challenge yourself playing an amazing puzzle game? If your answer is yes, then you will have to download and install IQ Game - Escape Puzzle : Ice Age ( Ice Maze ) on your Android smartphone or tablet for Free because it is the best sliding game for you right now. Introducing Escape Puzzle; the latest and coolest ball maze game on Google Play Store. The main objective of it game is to slide the red cube and let it fill the orange one. But, keep in mind that you will only start with one cube and as your progress, the game will get harder and you will have to slide more cubes while avoiding some obstacles in this new kids game. But, you need to show your reflection skills to finish all levels of this IQ game. Train your hand and eye coordination with this free ball game and have fun playing for hours, you will not feel bored even if you play it for many hours. Escape Puzzle comes with some great and amazing graphics that will let you love to play it for hours nonstop. It also comes with a very different style and a new gameplay from the classic puzzle games. This time you will have very high-quality graphics. The environment of playing is amazing and you will never feel bored. Why do you need to download and install Escape Puzzle on your Android smartphone or Tablet for Free instead of other brain teasing games? ?? We made some Cool and smooth high-quality graphics and an awesome environment to give you the best experience while playing the greatest sliding game ever! You will enjoy playing it! ?? Fantastic graphics. We took design seriously and we want our users to enjoy this game immensely. ?? Escape Puzzle is FREE and you can enjoy playing it as much as you want without paying anything. ?? We added a very wide selection of levels and you can enjoy playing as much as you want because the only one who can really stop you is you. We guarantee that you will spend hours of fun while playing our free maze game. ?? On occasion, it's not possible to finish each level from the first try. But, Don't Give Up and try again, you will do it! ?? This game is for intelligent people who want to challenge their brain playing an addictive brain challenging game. ?? Perfect kids game for your children to let them improve their reflection skills. ?? Escape Puzzle is free and it can be played by Adults and Teens. Your whole family can play it and they will enjoy playing it! ?? The fascinating User interface inspires you to play it as much as possible, test your skills and improve them with our puzzle game. What are you waiting for? Download IQ Game – Escape Puzzle : Ice Age ( Ice Maze) and start playing the best free puzzle game to tickle your brain! ?? A Maze Escape Puzzle game. (Labyrinth Puzzle) ? Special Features ? ?? Many challenging levels of your intellect ?? Free Puzzle Escape Games and more ?? The gameplay is simple, attractive and addictive, easy to control, smooth and gentle ?? High-definition graphics and high-quality audio provide you with the best possible experience ?? You can play offline, without Wi-Fi or Internet ?? Intellectual gaining a new rank is the best award for you and your loved ones. ?? Find ways to solve the game that we ourselves developers can not think of. Please email us at: FANPAGE •

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