Interstate Rest Areas in USA


Interstate Rest Areas in USA

Our Interstate Rest Areas app covers all 50 U.S. states and all major interstates from Interstate 4 to Interstate 99. No more guessing how far it is to the next rest area. Our app will help you locate the nearest rest area in the actual direction you're traveling and not on the other side of the road. Our interstate rest area listings have been verified with the appropriate state DOT agencies, but they are also crowd-sourced. We rely on users to report rest areas that recently closed. Due to the recent economic hard times, some rest areas were closed without noticed. That's where our users come to the rescue! Once we receive a report of a rest area being temporarily or permanently closed, we immediately update the information on our app. Our rest area listings do not use geo-targeting or location services. Every rest area is listed by the mile marker at which it's located. Our rest areas are listed by direction of travel - northbound, southbound, eastbound, and westbound. As long as you know the direction in which you're traveling, you'll be able to locate the nearest rest area and take that much-important safety break.

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