Insults generator: Insultator


Insults generator: Insultator

Insultator is an application that gives you the ability to churn out funny insults ready to share with your friends. The main features are : - Translation into 4 different languages ??insults (English, French , German, Italian ) - Listen via the Text -to-speech insult in the language ( also fun to try to listen as an insult to the Italian pronunciation in English and vice versa) - Customize insults present and create new insults, with the possibility of translation via Google Translate (Web) - Display statistics displayed on the insults . Most of the insults in your application , are teased from the web by making a selection of the insults that I think were funny The translation of the insults in English, French, German was done using Google Translate , therefore there could be many imperfections ! The application may contain foul language , so if you are sensitive to or have no sense of humor does not install the application . The application has simply meant to make you a laugh in front of friends :) If you want to help , you can: - Send me new insults to be included in the system - Report me the nonsense about the insult generated - Report any bugs Supports the developer, click on a banner ! :)

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