Logic puzzle InglenookSidings


Logic puzzle InglenookSidings

Friends! Known «Inglenook Sidings» now on Android! The game - puzzle is suitable for teenagers and adults. Stay locomotive operator and form specified train. Complete all levels: 1. Four trains for three wagons. 2. Four trains of four wagons. 3. Four trains of five wagons. Save the statistics and improve results. Arcade develops logical thinking and concentration. Pass the time together with shunting puzzle «Inglenook Sidings». Control: ">" and ">>" - move to right. "<" and "<<" - move to left. "S1" - Change train arrows S1 "S2" - Change train arrows S2 Click on the button with the image of the wagon - unhooked from the train. I wish you success! Your KittenLion.

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