iDStress is your Anti-Stress App & your pocket personal stress-manager ID-Stress is a new application which helps manage stress. Created by a psychotherapist who also specializes in Sophrology and Cranio Sacral Osteopathy, iDStress seeks to harmonize body and soul and can be used by anyone without exception. It consists of seven audio and video exercises suitable for all types of stress: casual or chronic fatigue, daily stress, overstress, physical pain. iDStress ids Free it is a Freemium in App. Created by a psychotherapist Ana Lombard (Enlace Center - Barcelona) together with technical experts from Master in Multimedia Creation & Design of La Salle University Ramon Llull), iDStress targets adults with stress from work, students during the examination season, pregnant women, who experience fatigue and stress from the changes in their body, or athletes. It is also a useful tool for those who suffer from the stress of daily life, or physical pain. , iDStress was created for smartphones, and tablets. iD-Stress is an indispensable tool to recover one’s inner balance in as little as 15 minutes. Key features: • Measure your stress: The first step of iD-Stress is identifying your stress level through a questionnaire. Based on the answers given, the application indicates the stress level of the user. It is graded into three levels: the alarming, resistance, or exhaustion phases. For each of the phases iDStress then suggests appropriate exercises. • Relax yourself in 15 minutes: 7 exercises create a response relevant to your need at the moment: 1. Basic Relax: General relaxation of body and mind - 15 minutes. 2. Concentration: Improves one’s attention span - 18 minutes. 3. Pregnancy: Helps a woman live through pregnancy with serenity, while establishing communication with her baby - 15 minutes. 4. Insomnia: Helps you fall asleep peacefully and benefit from a restorative sleep - 12 minutes. 5. Respiration: Video who teaches how to properly oxygenate the body and the brain - 11 minutes. 6. Relax Gesture: Conditions mind and body to recover balance with a simple gesture - 15 minutes. 7. Panic Button: Helps you restore your inner peace - 8 minutes. At the end of the exercise, the application allows you to evaluate yourself, which helps you know yourself better as well as measure your de-stressing progress. • Immerse yourself in an element of nature: Play with an interactive element of nature (earth, air, fire, water) to distract yourself from a situation before or after you complete an exercise. • Play game to reactivate your biorhythm: These are useful tools to recover your attention and bring you back to reality. It is especially important to do if you have used iDStress to relax before an important meeting. • Organize your agenda and set an alert: The alert function makes it possible for you to plan the exercises when you need them most - before important events, interviews or exams. This is the most efficient way to gain your composure to face the stress. Anna Lombard, creator of the BAMM (body and mind alternative methods for healing) and the application iDStress, always emphasizes the relationship between the mind and body: “the patient must reconcile the physical with the emotional. For this reason, emotions related to stress generate physical blockages. In fact iDStress is a tool to aid relaxation and maintain a level of wellbeing, which will help avoid chronic stress. It only takes a few minutes a day to apply the relaxation techniques.” iDStress gives a way to relax every day and be able to regain his concentration before a meeting, or examination. iDStress is an interactive tool and helps manage those moments of stress and improve our wellbeing. This application has been designed to play a social role, improve the quality of life for people and in the long term, be useful in everyday life.

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