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Idea Factory Free is an application that helps you in “collecting a large amount of ideas” to make use of your creativity, and “summarizing” those ideas for further development. It is very easy to use. After starting the application, you simply write down as many ideas as you come up with on the cards. Once you have certain "amount" of ideas, you can analyze problems and come up with new idea by grouping similar cards or categorize cards co-related. In addition to commercial use of visualizing ideas such as marketing or business planning, it can also be used for private purposes such as "Creating a list of items to prepare for oversea trip" or "Making a schedule for community event". As you will be carrying smart phone all time, you can record your ideas at anywhere; on the train, in the airplane, in the toilet or in your bed. (Characteristics of the application) + Screen designed for easy operation using fingers Interface is designed for creating cards quickly at anywhere or any time needed. You can freely move the cards creating with one finger.You can easily edit/delete/copy the cards created. + Marking on Cards or grouping by color 9 different colors can be used for cards. You can easily separate the cards using 5 different types of marking.It also has a function you can line up/list down the cards.We will provide full support from creating cards to sorting it. (In the paid version is more convenient) In the paid version is available below more useful features. + Idea to create an unlimited number of board The free version can store up to four boards ideas, the paid version has no limit to the number created, you can keep a lot of ideas to the terminal. + Create an unlimited number of cards The free version allows you to create cards of 15, but the paid version has no limit on the number of card creation. You can export the idea to fill the screen. + Sharing feature, Get more ideas In the paid version is available for shared functions. As the image was created to share ideas, "Image Sharing" and may also send e-mail as a text document "Sharing the text" and if you save in EverNote using DropBox, you can see on their computer at any time by summarizing the ideas The. In addition, E-text can also be an idea to a company news in your mail. + Hide ads In the paid version does not display ads. If you have any trouble or request, I would be pleased if you let me know via review. In that case, please let me know the model name of your smart phone. Android 2.1/2.2/2.3 * Idea-board (Up to 15 sheets of card production) * Card array * Card list * Idea look-through (Save up to 4)

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