I Deserve a Donut


I Deserve a Donut

I Deserve a Donut will help you renew your mind so you can break free from the control of food! It contains 150+ Bible verses, 20 sets of tips, and 37 sets of questions you can use to talk to God about life and food. A companion Bible study, Taste for Truth, is also available at Amazon. The Bible verses and questions in I Deserve a Donut will help you:  1. Discover the lies that make you overeat. 2. Break free from the emotions that drive you to eat. 3. Develop a habit of going to God for help with life. 4. Gain victory over your eating habits. 5. Deepen your walk with God. If you'd like to see a sample of the questions on the app, go to www.barbraveling.com and click on the Christian Weight Loss Resources tab.

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