Hydro Coach💦 drink water reminder & water tracker


Hydro Coach💦 drink water reminder & water tracker

?? The most motivating water drink reminder and water tracker app of 2018 ?? 2 Million+ people worldwide use Hydro Coach as their water reminder app every day. It's a free water tracker that reminds you to drink water and even syncs your water intake with Fitbit, Samsung Health and Google Fit. ?? "Best water drink reminder" ?? "Most powerful & self-improvement water reminder" ?? "Extremely effective water tracker app" BENEFITS OF DRINKING WATER: ?? lose weight ?? clear up your skin ?? stay in shape ?? improve hair condition ?? prevent kidney stones ?? strengthen nails ?? relieve headache ?? boost energy ?? increase productivity and well-being ?? build muscle tone ?? reduce stress and tiredness ?? detox your body SETUP: Define a custom target or calculate a personalized one by entering age, weight, lifestyle and weather. As a PRO user you can even automatically adopt it with automatic weather forecasts. Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? No worries, our free water tracker app will take it in consideration. ? personal drink goal calculator ? imperial (fl. oz.) and metric (ml) units WATER REMINDER: Create a healthy habit with Hydro Coach by getting notified to drink water on a regular basis. We give our best to make it as easy as possible for you to stay motivated and reach your goal. ? smart and interval water reminder ? water drink reminder focused on motivation WATER TRACKER: Start with free to use predefined volumes or choose from many different vessel types. Every drink is highly customizable. Name it, color it and size it your way. Try it out and create your first fancy blueberry-banana-vanilla-smoothie or a simple 250 ml orange juice. FYI: Hydro Coach is the only water reminder that is designed to work with Fitbit activity trackers and Fitbit smart scales. ? customizable drinks (80 different vessels) ? support for Fitbit, Samsung Health and Google Fit ANALYSIS: Get detailed insights with a helpful dashboard. Check out your most used drinks, a day of week ranking and much more other useful data that helps you to drink water and find success in your water drinking challenge. ? dashboard for water intake analyzation ? weekly/monthly/yearly statistics Do you drink water regularly? Do you use a water reminder and water tracker app? Download our water drink reminder "Hydro Coach" for free and start living a happier and healthier life today ????

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    That's the whole reason I have a water tracking app installed”
    Great way to keep track and encourage me to keep track”
    Water intake reminder adjusts to my weight loss
    And are both successfully drinking more water throughout the day”
    I love this app I've been able to keep track of my water intake
    It keeps me motivated to reach my goal every day”
    Really helps me to remember to drink more water”
    Count down to health”
    Helps me stay focused on meeting my water goals daily”
    As a busy mom we put ourselves on the back burner”
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