hovernote is a floating notepad app that lets you write text notes on top of other apps without having to switch out of them. hovernote lets you experience true multitasking on your Android device-- you can have a note open while using your browser, messaging app, pdf viewer, or any other app. The app can read and write .txt files on your device, features zero-effort autosaving capabilities that Just Work, and can Share notes to other apps. Dropbox Sync support is in beta. ??? Feature List ??? • Floats over other apps, allowing true multitasking • Several different themes that you can assign to individual notes or as a default • Share notes with other applications, such as Dropbox, Evernote, or whatever else you use. hovernote works with the apps you already have. • Autosave keeps track of all of the notes you write in the Recent Notes list • Select and edit text using the Edit Toolbar • Reading and writing to .txt files on your device • Reading and writing to .txt files synced with a Dropbox App Folder (BETA) • Can have an unlimited number of notes open simultaneously • Android Wear support: create quick notes with your watch using either voice input or a tiny keyboard • Configuration Options: ? Whether to keep a persistent notification after closing all of the notes, to quickly open a new note ? Whether to autosave a .txt file note ? Whether to hide the window controls when switching away from a note, to save screen space ? Window Transparency ? Font style and size ? Whether to automatically show the keyboard when you focus a note window ??? Suggestions, Bug Reports, etc? ??? If you have any questions please send me an email: hovernote@mjlim.net. Emails responded to on a best-effort basis. I work on hovernote (sometimes) in my spare time. Development is typically slow. The app is now free due to the new requirement for me to have my physical address on the app store page if I want to continue selling it.

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    And do a great deal of note taking and writing”
    Great for taking notes and reading PDFs simultaneously”
    Or just long press on text field”
    It's not possible to save text on SD card”
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