House of the Lost


House of the Lost

In a world where games are designed so everyone will eventually get to and conquer the final level comes an action/adventure game that throws the idea of continues, saves, and cheat codes out the window. Sorry kids, but there was once a day that dying in a game meant actually dying. It's time again to face the real consequences of mistakes, and to learn how to use the knowledge they can bring. Your sister has disappeared into the House of the Lost, and only you can save her. As you grab your slingshot and step inside you know that you're in for the fight of your life. GAME FEATURES RANDOM LEVELS Each time you play House of the Lost you'll experience a different set of levels and challenges. Enemies will change, map layouts will be different, and the House will test you at every turn. WEAPON CRAFTING You'll need great weapons if you're going to survive this adventure and it will be up to you to create them. Combine weapons and items you find along the way to make crazy new weapons to aid you in your quest. EPIC BOSS BATTLES The zombies and monsters that haunt these halls are deadly enough but nothing will be able to prepare you for the boss battles that await. MULTIPLE ENVIRONMENTS You'll find four different environments within the house that all have their own challenges and boss to face. Content updates in the future will add even more to extend the adventure. SECRETS GALORE Walk through walls, track down clues, and do your best to unlock the secrets of the House. It may be your only chance at survival. CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS Choose between the standard 'one button' firing controls or 'd-pad firing' controls. With d-pad firing enabled you can move and fire in different directions. Shooting controls can be set in the Settings Screen, so give both a try.

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