Hooks - Alerts & Notifications


Hooks - Alerts & Notifications

Stay up to date on anything through push notifications. Whether you’re into sports, movies, news, food, celebrities, or a bit of everything, Hooks will notify you right on your lockscreen. “Instead of chasing all those things down, just set up Hooks to do it once, and the app will reward you with timely alerts when the moment has arrived.” - Time “Hooks Wants To Send You A Notification For Anything That’s Important To You” - TechCrunch “Hooks allow push notifications and the locked-out screen to eliminate the need to dive back into your crowded app screens to process an update or facilitate quick communication” - VentureBeat “In total, you have access to over one million different alerts, all manageable in a clean interface“ - UnCrate Discover our 100+ channels. Subscribe and get notified: * Brand mentions on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram * Sports: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL games and scores * Music concerts * Videogames releases, Twitch streams * Weather: rain, ice, snow, temperature drop * TV shows * Lottery results * Pollen, allergy alerts * Meetups * Films by rating, director or starring * Top restaurants * AMBER alerts * Shipment tracking for every courier * Website down * Horoscope * Earthquake * Mentions of you or your brand * Online courses * Alexa rank * Currency exchange rates including Bitcoin * Stocks * Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr * Youtube, Vimeo, Quora updates * Reddit, ProductHunt, HackerNews top articles Download Hooks now and never miss a thing again! Have an idea? Something not working? Shoot us an email at founders@gethooksapp.com And let's connect on Facebook - facebook.com/hooksapp Twitter - twitter.com/hooksalerts

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