Body mass index Calculator


Body mass index Calculator

This app is a best tool to measure various health related factors. This is a package of seven calculators related to body health. Here is the list of them. ? BMI Calculator ? Blood Pressure Severity Calculator ? Body Fat Percentage Calculator ? Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Calculator ? Human Water Requirement Calculator ? Body Adiposity Index (BAI) Calculator ? Blood Alcohol Level Calculator BMI Calculator allows you to calculate the body mass index and the corresponding body shape category. Weight and height are the inputs and they can be entered either in metric or imperial units. Blood Pressure Severity Calculator can be used to check the severity of your blood pressure. It uses the systolic and diastolic pressure measurements to check whether the BP is low, normal or falls under any categories of hypertension. Body Fat Percentage Calculator uses weight, waist, wrist, hips and forearm measurements to calculate the body fat percentage and corresponding body category. BMR Calculator allows you to find the basal metabolic rate in calories (in Metric and English units). Human Water Requirement Calculator uses the body weight to calculate the amount of water which one should consume a day in US ounces, milliliters and number of glasses. Body Adiposity Index Calculator uses Age group, height and hip circumference to calculate the BAI and corresponding body category. Blood Alcohol Level Calculator can be used to calculate the blood alcohol level and its effect in body. It uses weight, quantity, alcohol content and duration of drinking.

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