Control your home from your Android devices. Dim the lights, close the blinds, crank the volume, and start the movie— with one touch. Streamline your life using personalized, multi-device Activities. Combine home entertainment—TVs, stereos, cable/satellite set-top boxes, and game consoles—with home automation—connected lights, locks, blinds, thermostats, sensors, and more. Harmony brings it together. You bring it to life. The app works with Harmony Elite, Harmony Ultimate Home, Harmony Home Control, Harmony Home Hub, Harmony Ultimate, Harmony Smart Control, Harmony Smart Keyboard, or Harmony Ultimate Hub products (each sold separately). For full capabilities and purchase, please visit www.myharmony.com/products. ONE APP MAKES THINGS SIMPLE • Control entertainment devices with your Android Phone or Tablet when paired with Harmony Elite, Harmony Ultimate, Harmony Ultimate Home, Harmony Home Control, Harmony Smart Control, Harmony Smart Keyboard, or Harmony Ultimate Hub. • Control connected lights, locks, blinds, thermostats, and more from a single app, whether inside or outside your home. (software update may be required) • Start Activities such as Good Morning, Good Night, Watch TV, Listen to Music, or Play Games with a just one touch. • Set up to 50 channel Favorites with custom icons for quick access to your shows. • Use swipe or tap gestures to control the adjust volume, change channels, fast forward, rewind, and more. • Install the app on each Android devices in the house and personalize channel Favorites and set custom gestures. • The app works with Harmony Home Hub or Harmony Ultimate Hub to control devices inside closed cabinets. Hide the clutter of your entertainment devices and never worry about pointing your phone at your TV. • Compatible with many IR and Bluetooth® game consoles* • Compatible with over 270,000 devices from more than 6,000 brands. See myharmony.com/compatibility for latest compatibility information. • Location permission is required to be enabled on Android v6.0 and above. Harmony will use this permission only for Bluetooth discovery of Harmony hub. CUSTOMER SUPPORT After launching the last app the entire Harmony team including engineering, design, and management has read and re-read every customer review. We heard your feedback and have been working overtime to improve the experience. We sincerely apologize for the bugs that were introduced and will continue to refine the design and strengthen the app with future releases. Visit our online support articles at support.myharmony.com/en/ Join our online support community at forums.logitech.com Terms of Use : http://files.myharmony.com/Assets/legal/en/harmony.html

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What you should know about Harmony® app

  • Highligths
    I can use my phone as a Harmony remote control
    Notification bar is helpful”
    Customer service is tops”
    Now I'm stuck in the " watch TV "”
    Now each phone is a universal remote
    Customized voice commands like the xbOne”
    And the split screen on my 10 tablet”
    Better Than Desktop Program
    New lock screen and notification controls make this app exponentially more convenient”
    And multiple tech support exchanges”
  • Keep in mind
    Horrible font size
    UI update sucks”
    Navigation sucks and the new color scheme is an eyesore”
    On tablet devices there is a lot of wasted real estate
    Awful tablet interface on Tab S 8”
    It insists on landscape view
    If I'm listening to music
    Long press to delete a hub doesn't work”
    I can't wake up my Mac pc using the app”

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