Gun Master 3: Zombie Slayer


Gun Master 3: Zombie Slayer

Hone your shooting skills in the military grade army training program AND become a Zombie Slayer who unleashes the deadly accuracy on zombies! The army training simulator demands only the best of you. In order to succeed you will have to work hard. Keep your nerves under control or break like a twig. You'll need to make split-second decisions. Shoot bad guys, rescue civilians. Only the truly talented and hard-sweating operators will be accepted to the rank of the military special unit. After transforming into a fully trained harbinger of death you turn the gun barrel against the hordes of undead, pulling the trigger one zombie at a time. Gun Master: Zombie Slayer features an open shooting range with targets hidden along the way and zombies running to slaughter. Run against the clock and don't miss a single one of them! - Assortment of real military and police forces grade weapons - 30 guns of every size and type - pistols, SMGs, rifles, machine guns - Real gun upgrading with 9-part upgrade system - Fully customizable gun colors and camouflages - 2 maps, 2 game modes - Zombie killing with limited brainpower - Leaderboards, tournaments and daily challenges If you like guns, shooting and zombies all packed into one killer package then download Gun Master 3: Zombie Slayer to your Android right now! Can this great zombie shooter and gun simulator get any better? The answer is yes! It comes with a FREE price tag.

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  • Highligths
    Other than that best zombie game I've played”
    Awesome game”
    Other than that this is my favorite shooter game
    We need multiplayer mode like pvp or coop gameplay”
    It is a good time waster
  • Keep in mind
    Can't u guys just make normal fps or tps like respawnables”

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