Grid GPS


Grid GPS

This application allows you to read your GPS position in many configurable formats, including military grids MGRS and UTM. You can copy your coordinates in any format to clipboard for pasting later in other applications, maps, text documents, chats or email messages. The application can be customized to suite your needs, this includes configuration of coordinate systems you whish to display, their display order and you get a choice of multiple color themes. Features: - displays Military Grid Reference System (MGRS), - displays Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system (UTM), - displays coordinates in angular formats: DMS, DDM, decimal, - displays altitude, speed and bearing, - single tap to copy your coordinates in any format, - supports imperial and metrical units, - simple and clear user interface, - multiple color themes available, - everything is highly configurable. This application requires access to the GPS module in your Android device. This application doesn't collect or transmit any location information it reads. The location information is only displayed on screen of your device.

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