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Build your vocabulary with Magoosh's free vocabulary game for your Android phone or tablet. Quiz yourself every day to learn the 1200 most important words! ? 1200 vocab words picked by an expert tutor ? Audio pronunciation for each of the words in the app ? Definitions and example sentences for every word ? Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced vocabulary sections ? Beat levels to unlock new words ? Track your progress as you study This app gives you free access to all of Magoosh’s general, GRE, SAT, and TOEFL vocab quizzes. Sign in with a Magoosh account (or create a new one) to save your progress to the web. Created by experts The entire wordlist is selected and defined with usage examples by Magoosh’s expert tutors, led by Chris Lele. He has been teaching the GRE for more than 10 years, runs a popular vocabulary series on YouTube and he’s also written an eBook on vocabulary. He is unbeatable in Scrabble, or any other word game for that matter. Designed for fun and learning that really sticks Each level you beat unlocks a harder one: more words and more advanced vocabulary. Words you don't know will be repeated until you master them, using spaced repetition which has been shown to be a very effective memorization strategy. About Magoosh We're an online test prep company with a focus on teaching the GRE, GMAT, SAT, and TOEFL through videos and personalized customer support. In addition to our online course, we blog about words, roots, formulas, grammar, problem solving, quantitative reasoning, and reading comprehension along with study guides and study tips. Articles from the blog have been compiled into 3 separate free ebooks with over 6,000 downloads. Have any questions? Please ask! Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us. If you have any questions or comments, please send us an email at help@magoosh.com.

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  • Highligths
    Excellent for students preparing for various examinations like GMAT”
    Other than that I'm having fun learning new words and challenging myself”
    It really makes it easier and more fun to practice vocabulary :”
    Most user friendly and helpful app for concrete vocabulary building”
    Awesome supplement to typical flash cards to study for GRE vocab
    This is an absolutely brilliant and fun way to improve your vocabulary
    This is a superb educational game
    It's a fun way to learn while passing the time
    Great way to increase your vocabulary and learn new words”
    I think that would test your knowledge of the level even more”
  • Keep in mind
    Audio pronunciation doesn't work for most of the words”

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