Exam Score Input


Exam Score Input

This app greatly simplifies entry of examination scores by teachers into the computer system. * Score entry After marking all the answer sheets, just tap your phone on the NFC tag tied to each answer sheet, then say the score. The phone automatically finds out whose answer sheet it is, then associates the person with the score. It also repeats the score in voice, so that you know it has been captured correctly. If the phone can pronounce the student name, it also reads it out. * Score export and publishing You can export the scores into a CSV file, then import the file into the academic computer system of your school. At the same time, you can publish the scores on the Internet. Your students will be able to instantly see their own scores using the Result app. If you wish to publish the scores directly to your academic computer system, do not hesitate to let us know. We are reachable at care@causalidea.com. * Free use and price This app is free up to 20 students. If your class has more than 20 students, we charge 1.99 USD a year, but we also give a 6-month no-obligation free trial. * NFC tag Each student should tie an NFC tag to his/her examination answer sheet. You can buy NTAG203 tags from any preferred store. Alternatively, you can buy from us. We sell them at competitive prices : - 0.30 USD for a paper tag - 0.70 USD for a more durable PVC tag Postage is extra. You should use the LinKad app (LinKad NFC Edition is recommended) to assign NFC tags to students, probably at the beginning of an academic year. Then the students will use their assigned tags for all the examinations in the year. Disclaimer : Causal Idea is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage inflicted during and after the installation and use of the application.

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