GPS Phone Tracker - Family Search


GPS Phone Tracker - Family Search

GPS Location Sharing App for Your Convenience and Fun Meeting people and traveling made easy with our location sharing app. You can download it now and save yourself a lot of time and nerves. • Make meet-ups and parties more fun with our to-notch location sharing technologies. • Help you stay on the safe side with quick emergency messages. • Relive the memories by using our location history feature. • Create circles of friends and family members for fast communication and easy location sharing. • Find places and ways with ease by following the directions provided by your friends in our app. • Define important areas and zones to get notifications when someone from your circle enters or leaves a zone. • Set a speed limit and receive notifications if members of your circle exceed it. • Help alert. Send an emergency message to your circles and security services in a dangerous situation. • Battery alert. Receive a notification when the battery of a circle member is 10% or lower. You are in the middle of a heavy and hectic traffic, already quite irritated. You know you are little late, yet you don’t even have time to text your friends. And so it starts – they are calling you in turns, and all at once, asking where are you. The irritation levels skyrocket. Next time your friends will be blowing off your phone, just ask them to get the app. Now you can share your GPS location in a few taps! Check all these awesome features we’ve got in detail: 1) There’s nothing worse than trying to find your friends in a huge concert hall full of people. With our app and its precise GPS information, you are now spared the trouble of squinting, looking around and wondering if that girl waving at you is your friend. A few taps, and your squad is united, having the time of your life! 2) Do you feel rather unsafe alone on the bus, or does the taxi driver make you a little unnerved? Location sharing is a great way to ensure your safety. Moreover, our app allows sending quick alert notifications and emergency messengers to your family and friends, or directly to the rescue services. Even knowing that your trusted people know your GPS location will make you feel more comfortable commuting in the evening. 3) Set and manage circles of people for location sharing. You can also chat with them either as a group or in private for easy and fast communication. No need to find your friends in the app, then go to another app to chat with them. In our location sharing app everything is at hand! 4) Do you dread listening to directions? Forget about trying to make sense of “turn right, then left, then right…” With our precise location sharing app, your friends can share their location in real time, and the app will automatically suggest you the route. 5) Do you need to know when your kids are leaving school? Or would you like to get a notification when friends are near your house? We get you covered! With our location sharing app, you’ll always know if someone from your circle enters or leaves a denoted zone. Personal safety app that helps you find peace of mind for people who matter the most! Once you install our app, you’ll avoid so many quarrels over obscure directions, being late or losing your charger. Find your friends easily and let them find you! Easy to set meet-ups, safety, and fun are now available all in one app. The app is optimized for intelligent battery consumption, and uses only 3-5% of the battery during the day. Important note: the app cannot be installed remotely or secretly. To join this service the user has to install the app himself and enter the invitation code from the inviting user. Users have the option to stop sharing location for some time or log out from n account, as well as completely delete the app. We remind you that this location sharing app is not a spying or secret surveillance solution.

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