GPS-Mate Free (Outdoor Navi)


GPS-Mate Free (Outdoor Navi)

GPS Outdoor Navigation for biker, hiker, skier, sailor, pilots and riders. GPS-Mate is for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travellers. Opposed to other apps GPS-Mate uses its own map engine for showing online maps, saving and using them offline. Worldwide special maps and self-scanned maps are supported for many different projections. Professionals use the PC version too. Use online, topographic and scanned maps, aerial and sat photos. Save own maps for use without network. Navigate and manage tours (GPX,KML,LOC), record own tracks and Point-Of-Interests and plan new tours. See height/speed profiles. Find your contacts and places in the maps. Send your location and meeting point(SMS). The roadbook navigation leads you to your outdoor destination. + Trip computer for biker. + Compass + Compatible PC version for pre- and post-processing. + Languages: German/English + Tour formats: GPX, KML, TUR, LOC + Map formats: Online maps, GMM, NMAP, self scanned and calibrated JPG and PNG + Maps from + sea charts from NV Verlag + Units: metric, imperial, nautical + Coordinates: WGS84, UTM, Gauß-Krüger + Easy usage via Quick Start screen + App2SD + Tablet optimized === Android permissions === For what requires GPS-Mate permissions in Android: Fine GPS location: GPS-Mate shows your location in the maps using GPS. Read contact data: You can send your location or a meeting point as SMS text message. You choose the recipient from your address book. Send SMS messages: To use the function explained above you can send a position SMS. Receive SMS: If you receive a position SMS, it is automatically processed and the info is shown in the map. Read phone state: To use the SMS function GPS-Mate needs to know the phone state. Full internet access: With GPS-Mate you can watch and store online maps from the internet. Storage: You can record your own tours and save them to the SD card. Record audio: For navigating outdoor you can prepare individual spoken hints for your waypoints. While on tour GPS-Mate is playing these automatically. The spoken hints are an important orientation and navigation feature without looking at the map. System tools: If you have disabled GPS in the system settings and want to activate GPS within GPS-Mate it asks whether it should open the system settings. You can then easily access and control your settings. Also GPS-Mate has a setting to keep the screen on when it is running in the foreground. So you do not have to change the system settings yourself.

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