Gold Silver & Platinum Tracker


Gold Silver & Platinum Tracker

With this app you will always have the latest spot prices of gold ,silver and platinum .It also calculates your net worth based on the amount of ounces you own.And gives you the net worth for each individual category gold ,silver and platinum. - - Gold prices are a good indicator of how healthy the U.S. economy is. When the price of gold is high, that's when the economy is not healthy. Why? Investors flock to gold when they are protecting their investments from either a crisis or inflation. When gold prices drop, that usually means the economy is healthy. That's because investors have left gold for other, more lucrative, investments like stocks, bonds or real estate. - - Silver is a real asset that will always have some value. The price moves up and down with market changes, but the value of silver will not go to zero. This is a significant advantage compared to paper assets like stocks and bonds, which can become worthless if the issuer goes bankrupt. - - Right now, the price of platinum is at something of a base line. Because of the nature of the financial markets and how they pertain to precious metals, the price has been pushed down to an extent. For this reason, one of the biggest advantages is that you can strike while the iron is hot, so to speak. The most important aspect of investing is proper timing and that is something worth considering for platinum investors right now.

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