Gitden Reader: EPUB3 & EPUB2


Gitden Reader: EPUB3 & EPUB2

GitdenReader is the best eBook Reader which is easy to use with a good intuitive user interface and supports not only EPUB 2 spec standard but also EPUB 3 at the highest levels. 1. Supports EPUB 3.0 standard most faithfully - Reflowable book and fixed layout book - Media Overlay not only in fixed layout book but also in reflowable book - Javascript and CSS3 superbly (You can create an interactive ebook such as marking a test in real time) - MathML(math equation) and SVG embedded in epub file properly - 99% of MathML 3.0 with embedded MathJax library - RTL (Right To Left) vertical writing (You can easily read EPUB3.0 ebooks in Japanese) - RTL for Arabic and Hebrew languages (You can easily read EPUB3.0 ebooks in Arabic and Hebrew) 2. Essential features for comfortable reading - Tap footnote link in a body text, it will be shown in pop-up window. - Go back to the previous page easily since there appears “Back to p.#” when you tap a link in a body text or in the list page. Even if you make a wrong move, you can go back by tapping “Back to p.#” without any trouble - Export highlights or notes to a text file - Zoom in an image or a table in a body text by double tapping - DRM is embedded in Gitden Reader, thus an unauthorized user cannot open an .epub file Import .epub files and text files - Delete a book by long press - Read .epub files in Dropbox, Google Drive and our e-mail. If you tap an .epub file and select Gitden Reader in the app list. (supports only standard EPUB format) -Gitden Reader supports OPDS catalog standard - Read aloud (TTS) 3. Easy to use with intuitive interface - Adjust your reading experience by tapping [aA] icon : Change 1) font, 2) font size, 3) line spacing in narrow, normal and wide, 4) paragraph alignment. Sellect 5) single or dual page view, 6) view by the page or scroll view which shows in rows, 7) day(white, sepia) or night(black) background theme. - Search text, put a bookmark, share selected parts of content/ highlight/ memo on SNS and search dictionary, etc. - Highlight in 6 colors, underline, strikethrough and insert/ edit memos - Lock the screen orientation - Turn on/off paper curling effect when turning pages - Turn the pages with the volume keys of your device - Adjust the brightness of the screen by dragging the left margin when a book is opened - Put or remove a bookmark by dragging the right margin when a book is opened

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    One of the ePub Reader with fixed-layout support for Android
    Its the best epub reader I have ever seen on the market”
    Page turning is plenty fast with that turned off”
    Wow this book reader is the best book reader”
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    Useless if u have another pdf reader
    Problems with embedded videos and Japanese text”

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