Gif Edit Maker video


Gif Edit Maker video

This is the app to edit a existing gif and create with photos or a video. You can cut, reduce your gif and insert the texts or stickers And share it on Twitter or Facebook, etc. The only app that can crop your gif and edit your gif by sheet. The only app that save your editing information and can re-edit later Edit your Gif - Scaling: Changing ratio, reduce the scale - Crop a gif. - Edit by sheet: Copy Move and delete by sheet, adding another pictures or gif - Cortorl play speed of your gif - Change play direction - Enter new text: font, color, and stroke - Input new Sticker Create gif - Create with a camcorder - Edit an existing gif - Create with your Photos - Create with your Video: extracts sheets from the video - Insert your gif into your photo Share your Gif - Share using my apps - Post to twitter or Facebook My work - save your editing datas: You can re-edit your Gif using it. etc - Gif-player: play-controller (play, pause, forward, backward) - Built-in Gallery: tabbed-folders way - Capture the sheets of your gif or video. This App is best When you want to reduce the capacity of your gif file, When you want to edit an existing gif by sheet When you want to decorate your static photos using your gif. When you want to create a gif using the video file. When you want to post your gif on Facebook To share your facebook, only your own space is used because this app use not opened web server but your Google + Photo(Picasa album) Gif maker, animated Gif, moving picture, fun gif

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