GeoWhere Geography Learning


GeoWhere Geography Learning

GeoWhere is like the well known GeoGuessr game where 5 random points in the world are shown and you are rewarded for recognising that random location. The more accurate the more points. Use your geologic and guesstimate the best position where the pointer shows! GeoWhere is a great geography game for kids and for the family to play together and learn more about the world we live in. Leaderboards are available in GeoWhere so you can brag to friends about all your points you have scored. Play the Points of Interest (POI) game mode where you can play all the most beautiful landmarks locations in the world, including the beautiful land of Gibraltar! :) Play the Countries mode and can choose to practice the geography of Europe, America, Asia, Africa, oceania or the continents combination you prefer Geo Challenge your friends by sharing your points via Facebook, Twitter, Email, What's App. When you share your points in any social media, all your friends have to do is to click on the link provided and they will be taken straight to the game where they will play the same challenge they just played! Enjoy this free game and learn about atlas, flags, geography, geometry, adress and the world we live in using streetview. Purchase "Guesses" to score the maximum points! HOW TO PLAY: A game has five rounds where 5 random points in the world in shown to the player using Google Street View. If you are playing the easy mode, you can navigate around the streets to better make your guess. When you're ready, click on the maps button and make your pick in a continent, country, city or street! You decide the detail! *** Have anything to suggest? Anything you don't like? GeoWhere wants to know! Please e-mail me at and I will be happy to see what I can do for you! *** Follow us at Twitter @GeoWhereGame *** Like us on Facebook

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