Gastric Band Hypnosis,NLP&EFT


Gastric Band Hypnosis,NLP&EFT

What is in Slim Positive's App? Virtual Gastric Band, Slimming, Confidence/Self-Esteem, Anxiety & Stress Release and Let's Get Fit Hypnosis audio tracks with sleep versions included. Also powerful video techniques of NLP and EFT. By listening to the hypnosis sessions (even when sleeping), Slim Positive's Tracks will decrease your appetite, improve your overall well-being and help you to lose weight faster, steadily, healthily and easily until you are at your desired goal. The Virtual Gastric Band Session will give you the feeling of being full and satisfied with less food. The other tracks like Slimming, Anxiety & Stress Release, Confidence (Self-Esteem) and Let's Get Fit will also help you to change the way you eat, including emotional and boredom eating, choose healthier food and motivate you to exercise, happily and easily. We have also included in the app, practical sessions of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) Videos, which are very powerful techniques. The NLP Sessions are for going back into the past and releasing any negative events/thoughts and going into the future to create goals for your weight loss. The EFT/Tapping Sessions are for curbing cravings, increasing your mood, eliminating boredom eating and much more. These 3 super techniques of NLP, Hypnosis and EFT will help you to achieve your weight loss faster and change your eating habits for life. We have a Facebook Support Group where you can get help, motivation and tips for your weight loss and you can e-mail us anytime from the app. Change your eating habits forever with Slim Positive's App now. Looking forward to seeing you on the Group or hearing from you by e-mail. Yvonne x Slim Positive Please note that hypnosis sessions cannot be listened to whilst you are driving, operating machinery or if you have Epilepsy.

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