Games for 3 Year Olds


Games for 3 Year Olds

Games for 3 Year Olds Enriching mini games for parents to share with their kids! Build Preschool, kindergarten, and early stage recognition skills fast with fun simple activities for little kids. Recommended for parents to use for kids ages 3-4 who are currently in preschool or about to enroll all the way up to kindergarten. 12 Fun & Free Games: 1. Balloon Pop - Pop the balloons for fun! 2. Differences - Spot the difference between the animals. 3. Puzzles - Drag the animals to match the puzzle. 4. Jigsaw - Easy for a toddler introduction to jigsaw puzzles. 5. Matchy - Match the animal to his body. 6. Memory - Can your toddler find 2 of the same cards? 7. Painting - Fun and simple painting for everyone. 8. Transportation - Learning trucks and trains, every toddler’s favorite. 9. ABC’s - Alphabet fun time! 10. 123’s - Counting is easy. 11. Spin The Wheel – Listen to exciting sounds! 12. Animal Sounds – What sound does the puppy make? Find out! Lots more fun/interactive items throughout! This game does feature ads, please for parents only. Within the settings you can enable/disable the following options: Vibrations/Sound/Back-Button. Please e-mail with any questions or feature requests!

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