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Chess Clock

Enjoy playing your favorite game with this free chess clock app ! It can be used for almost all two player games, like Chess, Go game (Weiqi, Baduk), Checkers, Shogi, Othello, Backgammon, ... No realistic chess clock design : it's kept simple to let you see clearly the player times. Features : - Handle 7 different time systems (listed below) - Undo any number of moves - Sound warnings - Restore the clock (if you accidentally close it or want to resume it later) - Edit player times or change settings while playing - Display the clock vertically or horizontally - Several text fonts available - Optimized for both phones and tablets Time systems available : - Fischer - Sudden death - Sudden death + additional time (for example, 30 min + 15 min after 40 moves) - Japanese Byo-yomi - Canadian overtime - Hourglass - Bronstein Game specific features : - For Go players : on Canadian overtime, automatically pauses the clock to let you take your stones Try it now and enjoy this chess clock for free !

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