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Galaxy Stables

Only one horse has ever won the Galaxy Crown--the white stallion of Mars, now retired to stud. Can you produce the next galactic champion? To achieve your goal, you must guide your horse to victory on eight different worlds, ranging from comets to brown dwarfs. Many horses excel at one or more types of terrain, but to master all of them is extremely difficult. Begin by looking for horses that show signs of speed. The performance of the average horse will be mediocre no matter what the terrain or what instructions you give it. But your instructions will make all the difference to the best horses. Their speed will range from very slow--sluglike--to blazing, depending on the signals you send. If you find a horse with talent that cannot master all worlds despite thorough training, try breeding it with another good horse. The offspring tend to be just a little better--or worse--than their parents. Watch out for the mischievous black filly Ahaha. She may help in your breeding and training efforts--or not. Galactic racehorses live in extra dimensions of time, and can roam across the galaxy's moons, planets, and comets with impunity. According to legend, their breed was created by the crossing of the white stallion of Mars with the black filly Ahaha, and all of their colors and patterns can be derived from the genes of those two progenitors.

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