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Galactic Phantasy Prelude

Please noted that the Google Cloud Save is discontinued by Google and we now change to support Google Saved Game. Please have your current game progress saved to the new Google Saved Game service by downloading this new version. Galactic Phantasy Prelude is a 100% free-to-play spaceship action RPG game. Experience the life of a Space adventurer in this stunning action RPG. Build a fleet with 46 different spaceships of various classes from small frigates to giant battle cruisers; make them your very own with thousands of customization options; wander in an open world of the huge Universe; enjoy console quality graphics and immersive gameplay right on your palm. Please note: Galactic Phantasy Prelude is completely free to play but some in-game items such as special ships will require payment. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app billing in your device’s settings. official trailer: facebook: (If you have support questions that can be shared with other players, please post them to Facebook.) From Agile Frigates to Imposing Battlecruisers Pilot 46 meticulously detailed spaceships of various classes such as the Frigate, Transport, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship and Battlecruiser. Each class of spaceships handles distinctively and has its own set of equipment. Customize each of your ships with various equipment types to align with your preferred battle tactics. Innovative Full-Action Battle System Take your fleet of spaceships into full action battles where reflexes and tactics are equally important. Customize your ships with 2000+ pieces of equipment in 20+ categories. Develop your own battle strategies; stun your enemies, drain their energy, or even take them all down with sophisticated range attack. Mind you, no one can hear you scream in space. RPG-style open world gameplay Roam freely and challenge various kinds of missions in 10 star systems, 40 starports and two nations with unique technology levels. An Exciting Journey in Space Experience an epic story in which you start your humble life with a stolen spaceship. You would do whatever it takes to stay alive in the world of pirates, be it robbing, trading, smuggling and battling. You would build your own fleet of spaceships, uncover the secrets of the Sphinx Empire and finally save your home country Galactic Union 20. High Quility Graphics Enjoy super high quality graphics on various mobile devices. The game is highly optimized for the platform and it takes full advantage of the capabilities of the latest devices. If you are fan of space games like Galaxy On Fire II or FreeLancer, you definitely should try Galactic Phantasy Prelude.

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    Amazing for a free game and very little push for in app purchases”
    Awesome game grt interface juzt needs more of a tutorial”
    Sorta feels like a mini-single player version of eve online
    Best free Freelancer type space rpg I've played on android”
    Cool little space shooter 5 stars for free game”
    I thought i would give this space sim a chance”
    Good time waster with a great story”
    Standing soley on its addictive game play and awesome ships”
    Solid action RPG Space Odyssey”
    Perhaps best space simulation game I have played”
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    Nothing here… Users found nothing but good things to say about this app!

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