FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root)


FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root)

A new WiFi Direct solution (free update) is now added to PdaNet for connecting computers or tablets in addition to USB tether. The legacy WiFi Hotspot solution remains in FoxFi. If the legacy FoxFi feature still works for your phone, it is still the best solution for sharing phone Internet since there is no limit on what kind of devices you can connect. ======(New)WiFi Direct Hotspot======= This new WiFi Direct feature in PdaNet 5 allows you to connect WiFi mode from computers or tablets. However unlike the old WiFi Hotspot, it will require you to either install PdaNet on the connecting computers/tablets or set up proxy settings. Use this feature if you are no longer able to turn on WiFi Hotspot, or if your WiFi Hotspot usage is being metered when you already have an unlimited data plan. ======(Legacy)WiFi Hotspot===== Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later no longer allows the old WiFi Hotspot mode even for Verizon phones. Please refer to PdaNet instead for alternative solutions. Due to lockdowns through each phone system update, the old WiFi mode will only be allowed on a short list of compatible devices. As of 11/2016, IN GENERAL: ---Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later no longer allows WiFi mode even for Verizon phones. ---Verizon Samsung phones (S3/4/5/6/7/Edge, Note 2/3/4/5 etc.) , Verizon LG phones (V10, G2/3/4/5 etc.) and Verizon Sony phones (Z2/Z3) are supported by Android versions up to Android 6.0/6.1. ---Verizon HTC phones (M7/8) will only work on Android 4.1 ~ 4.4. ---Verizon Motorola phones will only work on Android 4.3 or below. ---AT&T Samsung phones will only work on Android 4.2 or below. ---Other carriers/phones will only work if they still have Android 4.0 or below. ---Straight Talk phones will only work if it uses Verizon and are compatible with the above. ---For all other phones, use USB mode or Bluetooth mode instead. *To get around lockdowns on WiFi mode FoxFi may prompt you to install a certificate on your phone, this will cause the Android system to enforce a screen lock and show a security message in notification. For more detail and steps to remove screen lock please visit *If you receive a message asking for a "password for credential strorage" this is due to a bug in the Android system. Please see steps to clear this message at Free edition will turn off after timed usage limit but you can turned it back on, otherwise it is same as full version.

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  • Highligths
    A real money saver on my plan”
    Then I downloaded a Firefox add on called user agent switcher”
    Watch movies
    Verizon blocked me and you guys fixed it within days”
    The kids can stream movies on their ipad during road trips”
    Best tethering app I've ever used for my non-rooted Galaxy Nexus”
    U still got the best hotspot app in the market”
    I play Black ops on my PS3 & 4 on line”
    Play xbox live everyday with it and it works great”
    However-the update has restored my wireless tether functionality-yay”
  • Keep in mind
    Emailed tech support and heard nothing back from them”
    Update forces you to password protect your phone”
    After update it doesn't recognize my Internet connection
    Automatically turns off WiFi and Data usage and refuses to work”
    I wish they can find a way around the block from Moto&vzw”
    Stupid FoxFi messing up my lock screen security”
    I cannot use Bluetooth mode with my android tablet either”
    I get that everyone needs to make money
    It sends out a wifi signal but doesn't transmit any data”
    I sent multiple emails requesting help with virtually NO CUSTOMER SERVICE

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