Remote Call/SMS Forward & Lock


Remote Call/SMS Forward & Lock

Forgot your mobile phone at home? You can remotely forward calls / forward SMS and lock your phone with this app. Or you can use this app as a Call Forwarder / SMS Forwarder if you have 2 phones and want to use only one phone and don't want to miss any calls/SMS from another phone. FEATURES: - Remotely forward / unforward all calls and / or SMS, if you forgot your phone at home. - Forward calls and SMS to separate numbers. E.g. you can forward calls to your office phone and forward SMS to another hand phone. - Remotely lock your phone. - You can change password remotely. Get hint if you forgot the password. - Notify you if your phone is running out of power. NOTE: You may have to register call forwarding service with your mobile service provider. COMMAND SYNTAX: *#HELP# *#HINT# *#LOCK*password# *#FWD*password*[address]# *#FWDSMS*password*[address]# *#FWDCALL*password*[address]# *#UNFWD*password# *#UNFWDSMS*password# *#UNFWDCALL*password# *#PASS*old_password*new_password*new_password# Where: [address] = phone number, ME (current number) or leave blank (Default Forwarded-To Number) NOTE: To uninstall the app, you should deactivate it in the 'Device administrators' menu first. Open the system menu Settings - Security - Device administrators - Deactivate the app. Then uninstall the app.

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