With it's first release on July 16, 2014 FingerSecurity is the first app that allows owners of an Android device with a fingerprint sensor to protect their apps with their fingerprints. FingerSecurity allows you to protect any app with your fingerprint. FingerSecurity has many options to make your life easier and more secure. - Protect any app with your fingerprint - Widget for fast enabling/disabling - Set timeouts to allow a short switch between apps - Unlock multiple apps at ones - Use your alternative password or pin code to unlock apps when your fingerprint is not recognized - FingerSecurity can’t be uninstalled or killed - Automatically protect new apps - Use your favorite image as background - Use fake crash dialog - Automatically unlock your apps at specific locations - Only allow specific people(fingerprints) to unlock an app - Protect notifications of protected apps - Detect intruders by taking a picture of them ***FAQ*** - Why is my device not supported? FingerSecurity will only work on Android devices with a fingerprint sensor. Even when your device has a fingerprint sensor it is still possible that your device is not supported due to limitations of the device. - A notification is asking for a backup password. What should I do? This is a security feature from the system(it is not a part of FingerSecurity but from Samsung’s firmware). When you scan your fingerprint too many times without identification then the system will block the sensor and ask for your backup password. The backup password was specified during the registration of your fingerprints(this might not be the same as your alternative password for FingerSecurity). You have to enter your backup password else you can’t use the fingerprint sensor. - I can’t remember my backup password. Unfortunately there is no way to reset the backup password when the sensor is blocked by the system. The only solution is performing a hard reset. - FingerSecurity uses a lot of battery after updating. Please restart your device. Then FingerSecurity will work normal again and the battery usage will drop.

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    Great security feature
    I've locked my social media applications as well as personal”
    Best security app lock for my Samsung Note 4”
    Nice lay out good tech support
    Custom settings for each individual app makes it easy”
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    It's one of the best protection apps
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    Does not protect task manager

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