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Financial Planner

The Financial Planner helps you to plan for your long-term financial goals like Child Education, Child Marriage and Retirement. It helps you assess how much you should invest every month to get a desired amount at the end of an investment period. It helps you to calculate the future value of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Payments or to quickly calculate EMI (Equated monthly Installment) of home Loan, Car Loan. Features - Goal Planner. - Retirement Planner. - Insurance Needed - SIP Tools - SIP, STP, SWP Calculator and SIP Planner - Loan Tools - Loan EMI Calculator, Loan Refinance, Loan Compare - Fixed Deposit Calculator - Recurring Deposit Calculator - Save Goals and Retirement Plan - View My Plan - Option to Modify or delete goal and retirement plan - Send SMS - Share Details through other apps like WhatsApp, Hangouts - Send investment summary in Email with details as attachment. 1. Goal Planner Goal Planner will help you to plan for any financial goals like Child Education or Child Marriage. It calculates the monthly investment required for achieving the goal. You can give the goal present value, No of Years remain, Expected Inflation and rate of returns on your investments. Example: Suppose you want to plan for your Child education which costs 8, 00,000 today. The Number of Years remain is 15 years and the inflation you expect is 7% and you expect 12% return from your investments. In that case future value is 22, 07,225 and to achieve that future value you need to invest 4,418 per month or lump sum investment of 4, 03,252 today to achieve the future value. 2. Retirement Planner Retirement Planner helps you determine how much money you will need for your retirement to maintain the current lifestyle post retirement. You can give the Current Age, Retirement Age, Current Monthly Expenses, and Expected Inflation, rate of returns on your investments before retirement and rate of returns on your investments after retirement. Example: Suppose you are 30 years old who wants to retire at 58 and expect to live till 80. If your current Monthly Household Expenses (excluding expenses which will not be part of it post Retirement e.g. EMI, Insurance Premium, Education expenses etc) are 30000, You expect inflation to be around 7% for next 28 years,You expect 15% return on your investments before retirement and During retirement you expect that your investments will return 10%. So Number of Years left for your retirement are 28 years and at retirement you will require a retirement corpus of 3,99,98,159 for which I need to save 7,815 per month. 2. SIP Calculator SIP calculator will calculate the future value of SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) Payments .It helps you to calculate future value of your monthly investment in Mutual Fund, Public Provident Fund (PPF) or Fixed Deposit (FD) in bank or post office. Example: If you want to start an SIP of Rs 5,000 per month and you expect your investments will return 12%, then in 10 years you will generate 11, 50,193 compounded yearly. 3. Loan EMI Calculator This calculator helps to quickly calculate EMI (Equated monthly Installment) of home Loan, Car Loan or Personal Loan. It also shows loan repayment schedule with total interest paid and total principal amount paid at the end of every financial year. Please send your suggestion and issues to my E-mail address or visit

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