FibroMapp Pain Manager+


FibroMapp Pain Manager+

FibroMapp Pain Manager+ goes way beyond just tracking pain...It is the most comprehensive pain tracking app available. (But don't just take our word for it! It's also a 3x HealthLine Best App Award winner!). WE GET PAIN... As chronic pain people ourselves, we know how pain can affect every area of your life - such as sleep and mood, fatigue, aggravating factors, and so much more - not to mention keeping your meds/supplements on track. TRACK, MONITOR, RECORD & CREATE REPORTS: FibroMapp helps you track, monitor, record and create PDF reports you can print/email. With our unique,12-in-1 personalised, highly comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, pain management app; FibroMapp works for all pain conditions. FibroMapp is perfect for: *Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME *MS *Arthritis *Lupus *Back pain *Muscle, Joint & Nerve Pain *All Complex Pain Conditions 12-in-1 PAIN TRACKER PLUS SO MUCH MORE! 1. PAIN TRACKER - tracks severity, location & type of pain 2. MOOD TRACKER - Is pain affecting your mood and mental health? 3. SLEEP TRACKER (Tracks Sleep Debt/Quality of Sleep) -Simply tap the screen to start recording when you are awake/going to sleep 4. FATIGUE TRACKER 5. FLARE-UP BUTTON -Quickly records your pain level with option to journal 6. OTHER SYMPTOMS - Pre-loaded with a variety of symptoms, as well as the option to personalise 7. MOBILITY AIDS REQUIRED - Helpful for things like benefits and insurance purposes 8. JOURNAL - A great spot to share what you are really going through... 9. AGGRAVATING FACTORS - Weather, stress, sitting...personalise to suit you! 10. ACTIVITIES - Track what activities reduce or increase pain 11. MEDICATION TRACKER + ALARM - personalise your meds, dosage and even set an alarm to ensure you aren't over or under medicating 12. CREATES PDF REPORTS to Print/Email - Great to provide to your doctor/for insurance/benefits) GAIN MORE CONTROL: Gain more control and understanding of your pain and tracking what's helping you, what's increasing your pain, as well as keeping on track of your meds/supplements and so much more with FibroMapp Pain Manager+. BE AS DETAILED AS YOU WANT - OR FAST-TRACK: Option to quickly track pain, mood, fatigue or go as in-depth as you wish. Use as much or as little of it as you need to help you gain more control and understanding of what is potentially causing you pain and other symptoms PERSONALIZED TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS: As pain is unique to each person, so is FibroMapp Pain Manager+! FibroMapp Pain Manager+ can be completely personalised to meet your needs and requirements and you can get as specific as you need or quickly track and record each day. All of which you personalise to your needs so that you are only filling in the areas that pertain specifically to you. REPORTS: Your Information is compiled to create easy to read CHARTS AND GRAPHS that can be downloaded and printed FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE -unlike some other health apps currently available. FOLLOW-UP: There's also a follow-up section to review what has helped and what has made your pain and other symptoms worse. EXCELLENT BACK-UP INFORMATION: Your PDF report is a great way to show what you are really going through to: *DOCTORS - who can adjust meds/pinpoint other areas of concern based on your report *INSURANCE *BENEFITS *PERSONAL UNDERSTANDING GAIN MORE CONTROL... FibroMapp Pain Manager+ helps you to gain more control by giving you the tools to easily track what is possibly causing pain, fatigue, sleep issues, mood and flare-ups and much more. When you have a better understanding of what might be causing pain and flare-ups, whether or not your meds are helping, and many other aspects, you now can be in a position to make improvements to your health and gain more control! Time to Get Tracking... With FibroMapp Pain Manager+ Today! For more information please go to our website FibroMapp is a registered trademark of Bodymap Apps Ltd.

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