Felipe Femur: Halloween Story


Felipe Femur: Halloween Story

Storybook only. No game. For the game in addition to the book aspect, check out 'Felipe Femur' in the Google Play store and exclude the "Storybook of Life" subtitle. In Felipe Femur: Storybook of Life, readers meet Felipe Femur, an introverted skeleton, who lives in a closet. Join Felipe on his quest to slay boredom and find happiness in his life . Read along as he learns something new about himself and meets flawed but interesting friends through out the digital book. Designed for children to improve their interest in reading, Felipe Femur: Storybook of Life serves as a perfect substitute for bed time story books in our modern age of technology (saves trees, too!). Also read the digital book in the classroom, or where ever you'd like to who ever you'd like, free! Felipe Femur: Storybook of Life is perfect for Day of the Dead, and a sequel about the Day of the Dead will be coming soon. It is also great for Halloween with its cast of spooky characters, including a toothless werewolf, a sun-loving vampire, a witch, and of course a lovable Skeleton. We're confident you'll love Felipe Femur: Storybook of Life, too, as it shares a similar Mexican Day of the Dead theme, despite it being developed with a tiny fraction of the budget and a two man team! Comments and ratings are always appreciated, as is spreading the word to your friends. Thank you for reading Felipe Femur: Storybook of Life!

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