Electric Guitar Solo Addict


Electric Guitar Solo Addict

??? Solo on a responsive electric guitar fretboard with real instrument sounds to practice your skills or just relax and create some music. This app is a great tool for practicing notes, ear training, and sight reading. It is easy to use and has presets to configure the fretboard by Key, by String, by Fret, and by Note for focused practice. It is a great practice companion alongside your instrument or when you are on the go. In addition, it is a great tool for using with the popular Electric Fretboard Addict fretboard trainer app! ??? SOLO ON A RESPONSIVE FRETBOARD: Simple to use, great on a touch screen, and has real instruments sounds PRACTICE NOTES: Touch the notes to practice the first 12 frets on the fretboard. Use the Notes preset to highlight notes you would like to focus on. PRACTICE CHORDS: Touch the notes to arpeggiate chords. Use the Fret preset to highlight notes on particular frets you would like to focus on. PRACTICE SCALES: Touch the notes to practice scales. Use the Key preset to highlight notes in 11 major keys. PRACTICE SIGHT READING: Standard music notation is showed for each note pressed. This is a great & quick way to learn notation and pitch. In addition, serves as a great reference tool. TRAIN YOUR EAR: Real instrument sounds are played for each note. Use your ears to recognize the sounds of notes, chords, and intervals. CREATE SOME MUSIC: A great tool for just relaxing, having fun, and just creating some music! A GREAT PRACTICE TOOL: This is a great practice tool for any level of musician. In addition, it is the perfect companion for users of our Fretboard Addict fretboard trainer series of apps.

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