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The Eight app requires an Eight mattress cover. Get yours at https://www.eightsleep.com Eight has everything you need to sleep better and wake up refreshed; advanced tracking of sleep data and trends, dual-zone temperature control of the bed, a smart alarm that wakes you up at the best time each morning, and more: TRACK SLEEP AUTOMATICALLY Track your sleep without having to wear a device—no phone in your bed or clunky wrist wear. Eight’s mattress cover uses proprietary sensor technology and advanced data analysis to work on any mattress, for every body. SEE HOW YOU SLEEP Each morning, Eight shows you all the data for your last night of sleep, including time slept and sleep stages. The Sleep Score gauges your overall sleep performance, summarising key sleep data points. DISCOVER TRENDS On a weekly and monthly basis, Eight aggregates your sleep data to display trends and averages over time. Using this information, Eight shows you insights and identifies ways to improve your sleep. SET & MANAGE GOALS Use the app to set sleep goals and preferences. Eight uses this information to give you personalized advice and tips to improve your sleep. MANAGE BED TEMPERATURE Manage the temperature of the bed with Eight’s bed warming feature, to keep your body comfortable and fall asleep faster. There’s a separate set of temperature controls for your partner, so you sleep better together. WAKE UP SMARTER Wake up more refreshed each morning using the smart alarm. Eight monitors your sleep patterns to wake you during your lightest sleep stage, giving each day the best start. PLAY WHITE NOISE Listening to white noise helps you drown out annoying sounds, slow down racing thoughts, and sleep more soundly. Choose from 12 relaxing sounds such as a crackling campfire or underwater waves, and drift off to dreamland. THE PRESS LOVES EIGHT “A connected smart mattress cover for a good night’s sleep.” - Forbes "Toss Eight on your mattress to make your bed smarter.” - CNET “The genius mattress cover that’s better than a roommate.” - The Huffington Post “It’s sort of like having an invisible butler.” - Vogue To use Eight, you’ll need Android 4.2 or later. Learn more about Eight at https://www.eightsleep.com Got questions? We’re here to help. Email us at support@eightsleep.com.

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